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Anhthu is a problem solver who is passionate about community and real estate. She is both an attorney and a real estate broker.

After earning her B.A. in economics and law degree from Cal, Anhthu spent a decade practicing law at national and global law firms where she specialized in real estate litigation, contract disputes, construction defects, insurance, and product liability. For the past six years, she has served as general counsel of a manufacturing company, overseeing and negotiating manufacturing, licensing, and commercial real estate transactions. Anhthu’s experience handling business transactions and high stakes litigation have given her a unique perspective and a professional, thoughtful approach to problem solving.

Anhthu is also a natural community builder. When her son was born, Anhthu set out to build a community around him like the one she experienced growing up in a refugee enclave, where the lines between neighbors and families were blurred and children were truly raised by their “village.” Through organizing and connecting people, she has worked to create a strong, supportive, and inclusive community of local Bay Area families who now spend countless hours supporting and raising their children together. As a real estate broker, she is on a mission to help people not only find a home, but also a community – their modern refuge.

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