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Realtor Tom Watson has a motto: You make your luck every day by the way you move through the world. It was given to him by his mother, when he was growing up in Ohio, and it’s a creed he has lived by and honed every day since.


First and foremost, Tom treats people with respect. That extends to not only his clients — nearly 90 percent of whom come to him through referrals from other clients — but to his fellow agents, workers, staff and pretty much everyone. Even while earning his BS degree in marketing from The Ohio State University, Tom was learning the true value of relationships. He continued this education during more than a decade as a buyer/planner for Macy’s and DFS Group. He cultivates and calls upon his relationships to the great benefit of his clients.


A Direct, Honest, Proven Approach

A favorite among those who dislike most real estate agents on sight, Tom is known for his clear, firm and direct approach. He is unfailingly honest: He won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but he’ll always tell you what you need to hear. While he is an innovative strategist and artful negotiator, he cares less about the “deal” than about you buying the right house or selling at the right time at the right price. This attitude has translated to more than 17 years of successfully representing buyers and sellers throughout the Bay Area.


The Watson Group: Structure for Success

Tom has built his stellar reputation (including glowing 5-star reviews on Yelp!) into The Watson Group, where he has installed a proven structure for providing his clients with a consistent, dependable level of service and satisfaction. His process, communication, transparency, responsiveness and, yes, his checklists, ensure there are never — never! —any surprises, resulting in easier and more productive searches, sales and transactions. Even the most fraught situations are handled with calm, reason and skill. Each client’s wants and needs are primary, and Tom believes it is his job to continually guide you back to that place.


Realtor Tom Watson earns your trust and your business every day as your advocate in buying or selling your Bay Area residence.


“A damn fine person and a damn fine realtor.” — Justin, a home-buying client, via Yelp!

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