Oakland’s Lakeshore, or Grand Lake district, has quickly established itself as one of the city’s most desired neighborhoods.

Many are drawn to the activity by the lake, the communal feeling, and the thriving restaurant scene.

The neighborhood is near Lake Merritt, where Grand and Lakeshore Avenues run beneath Interstate 580. Grand Avenue has a host of restaurants and shops, connecting Piedmont to the Adam’s Point neighborhood. Lakeshore Avenue runs between Lake Park Avenue and Mandana Boulevard, and is also home to many popular restaurants and lounges. At the epicenter of the neighborhood is where Lake Park Avenue connects both of the bustling Avenues, and is also home to the popular farmer’s market.

Lake Merritt’s Farmer’s Market, which occurs every Saturday morning, is the perfect example of the neighborhood’s vitality where families and young professionals enjoy live music, great food and fresh produce. There are classic homes and multi-unit condominiums within the area where young professionals, families and seasoned residents reside. This neighborhood is a true reflection of the diversity and culture that is Oakland.